Corporate Team Building Events

  • Escape Time - Team Building

Escape Room Games offer a great alternative to traditional corporate team building events or experiences.

Currently at Escape Time – Sutton Coldfield we are able to cater for between 2 – 18 people at the same time offering cost effective, fun and engaging corporate team building events encouraging team building, communication, leadership skills and confidence.

We offer two methods of running your corporate team building events, specialising in a personal touch.

Option 1

This is how we normally run our escape games which is let you (as management) join your team in the game as a normal booking. After the game our Game Master will give both you and your team a full debrief focusing on the positives of your experience and letting each team member know what they added to the team.

Option 2

This option is something that to our knowledge no other escape game centre offers. We allow you as a manager to join our Game Master behind the scenes and watch your team play the game through the CCTV Monitors allowing you to not only see them but also hear them. Your Game Master will talk you through what is happening and also if you wish highlight positive attributes of each person who is playing the game letting you get an insight in to how each of your employees work both individually and in a team.

Option 2 is also available to companies who wish to offer an alternative interview procedure for potential employees you are looking to take on. Here at Escape Time we are great believers that finding the right candidates to join your team is extremely important. Giving your potential new employees a formal interview as well as putting them into a situation such as an Escape Game will offer you the chance to view your potential new employee in a different light giving you an insight in to how they work as an individual and a team player. When we interview for new staff this is exactly how we do our second stage interviews.

With the option of joining your team in the game or watching them play alongside our game master to see how your team work together, an escape room team building day is sure to bring everyone together and also offer a fun alternative to other team building activities you have done in the past.

If you are a looking for meeting room or lunch to accompany your visit to Escape Time then we are also able to help you with this. We have agreed preferential rates for our customers in our local area with both Hotels and Food Outlets such as Frankie & Benny’s. We are also happy to make the arrangements for you free of charge.

If you are considering booking an escape game for one of your next corporate team building events or as an alternative interview procedure please get in contact via our contact us page.  Alternatively  call 0121 667 2227 to discuss this with our team further and find out about our corporate team building offers.