Our Escape Rooms

Escape Time – Sutton Coldfield based around 15 minutes from Birmingham town centre is pleased to offer the following themed escape rooms at it’s venue.

The Bank Heist - Escape Rooms BirminghamThe Bank Heist BOOK NOW!

Security is extremely tight at The People’s Bank, with the banks jewels, valuable paintings and cash stored in a secure overnight safe area.

Having studied the security patterns for 12 months, Mike Henry has instructed you that you will only have 60 minutes before the security change over is complete and you must be clear of the overnight security area.

Do you and your team have what it takes to complete the heist of the century and take a cut of the profits from the resale within the criminal underground world?!


Sam’s SaloonBOOK NOW!

The crooked sheriff is in town and he has planted a bomb in the local Saloon.

All the locals have fled but the door has locked behind them with the bomb attached leaving you trapped inside.

Do you have the brain power to disarm the bomb, recover the gold and escape the saloon before the sheriff returns?

N.B. This game is located on the first floor of the building with access via a set of stairs.

The Chocolate Factory - Escape Time - Sutton Coldfield - BirminghamThe Chocolate Factory BOOK NOW!

The Chocolate Factory has malfunctioned and has run out of ingredients.

The problem is the owner is away on holiday leaving you an hour to find all the ingredients locked away and to fix the machine in time before we run out of stock.

Will you be able to keep your cool and keep the customers happy by finding the ingredients and fixing the machine in time?


Watch this space for more information on new escape rooms – COMING SOON!