What is an Escape Room?

What is an escape room you ask?

Most people have never heard of an escape room or live escape games in the UK. So much so that only 3 in every 10 people know what an escape room is!

Below we have detailed what an escape room is to give you an insight in to the new craze that is sweeping across the UK and giving people an experience with a difference.

If we said to you Crystal Maze or Fort Boyard, we are sure you would immediately think of the TV shows and remember that teams have to complete challenges and puzzles in locked rooms. This is in essence what an escape room is.

Teams of between two to six players need to work together as a team to find clues and solve puzzles in the room to solve the mystery or escape the room in under the allotted time.

Generally most escape games last for around sixty minutes and are will be a fully themed room or rooms. Unlike in America, UK escape games are normally a private game so even if you have less than 6 people in the room you will have the game room to yourself.

Escape Games actually first came about in 2006 and soon became very popular in the United States, Japan and China to name but a few places. The UK escape game scene has been around for several years now and traditionally most rooms have various locks that require combinations or keys to allow you access to something else to help you escape the room. With the industry now expanding at a rapid rate escape rooms are now starting to use other elements in the game, notably electronic props to enhance the experience and also require different skills rather than just find a key/number then find a lock.

When you are playing an escape room you will have a Games Master who will be watching and listening to you via CCTV, this enables them to help you along the way should you get stuck with offering you clues.

Live escape games are perfect for families, friends, team building events or even a job interview with a difference.

Here at Escape Time in Birmingham we have several themed escape rooms which you can find more information on Our Escape Games page. If you also want to know more about our escape rooms you can head over to our FAQ page.

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In summary:

Gather your team & Enter the room escape room60 minutes is on the clock in the escape roomFind the Clues & Solve the Puzzles within the escape roomEscape the escape room together